S.K.E.T. offers on >AKTIVIST< a magic blend of Electro, Industrial, and Rhythm’N’Noise with vocal samples and great electronic sounds and kicking beats. On the 12 tracks of this album, you will get pure energy for the clubs. But that’s not all: – track titles like Revolution Of The Pigs, Center Of Evil, and God Is A Gun show that this project has also to tell a lot. So be prepared to meet Bush and Blair in an Electro and Industrial Dance Massacre. If you like acts like Mono No Aware, 5F_55, or Punch INC., this music will get you for sure!

HANDS paper pack

01 Warholic 5:30
02 Revolution Of The Pigs 4:19
03 Center Of Evil 5:38
04 God Is A Gun 4:57
05 No Limits For Heroes 5:57
06 Isolator III 4:32
07 Komsomolez 4:28
08 Stalinoper 2004 4:18
09 Subbotnik 6:11
10 Updated Reality 4:08
11 Non-Ballad 4:33
12 Phreax In Intoxication Of Life 5:24