S.K.E.T. is a German Electro-Industrial – Rhythm ’n‘ Noise project from Rostock and Berlin that started in 1999, inspired by the noise of the dying shipyards of Rostock in the early 90s and the lack of prospects in the region.
In the year 2000, they played their first show in the „Stellwerk“-Club of Berlin.
In 2000 they self-released their debut album „Pakt“ and in 2002 the second DIY album „Isolator„.
In 2005, they released „Aktivist“ as a label debut at the Dortmund-based label Hands Productions.
This was followed by several concerts including Wave Gotik Treffen (2006, 2012), Summer Darkness Festival in Utrecht, Maschinenfest, Elektroanschlag Festival, Forms of Hands Festival, Noxious Art Festival, Infest UK, Kinetik CAN, and club shows in London, Copenhagen, Prague, and many more.
2006 followed the second long-player „Baikonur“ on Hands Productions, 2009 number three „Depleted Uranium Weapons“ and 2017, the fourth album „Capitalism – Continuing Crisis„, also on Hands.

S.K.E.T.’s sound concept is a Rhythmic Noise / Electro-Industrial hybrid, propelled by high-octane industrial beats and powerful electro- and big beat influences. The main elements are multi-layer poly rhythms paired with rough pads, distorted lead lines, and basses. The thematic orientation, the statements, are largely political in nature and describe the past, reflect on the day’s events, and draws a dystopian future for which S.K.E.T. creates the soundtrack. Harsh, fast, beat-driven, and loud